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Lethichia (Tish) Pope is a Career Coach and Mentor who started her professional experience as an Administrative Assistant for non-profit organizations, local and federal government agencies, and for-profit domestic and international companies. 

In 2015, she decided to change career paths to pursue her passion for equipping individuals with employability skills. While completing her master’s degree in Education (Workforce Development and Education), she worked as an Employment Specialist for a local job training company. As an Employment Specialist, she assisted youth and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, criminal backgrounds, and first generation Americans overcome barriers to employment. 

Her natural abilities to understand the needs of her consumers, create self-promotional tools, and build rapport with second chance friendly employers resulted in securing temporary and permanent employment every two months. 

Amid a pandemic, her position was terminated, but her passion to assist job seekers led to the birth of Provision Enterprise LLC. She started freelancing as a professional resume writer. Within her first year, she grew her clientele to over 200 consumers in the United States, Australia, Turkey, Canada, British Virgin Islands, and more. 

After 100s of positive reviews and 5-star ratings, Tish decided to expand her services including job search coaching and interview preparation. 

In addition to being an awesome Career Coach and Mentor, she is a mother, avid reader, vegan food enthusiast, line dancer, and follower of Jesus Christ.

For more information about her services, see Career Coaching Services below.

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