One of the reasons many people run to self-employment is due to hostile work environments. Before you change your occupation try to handle the hostile environment. Conflict management is a tool needed in any type of work. Need help with identifying types of hostile work environments, read The Different Sources for Hostile Work Environments.

  • Read the Employee Handbook
  • Obtain Organizational Chart
  • Keep A Paper Trail
  • Present Evidence
  • Be Respectful
  • Exit Plan

Read the Employee Handbook

The company or employee handbook will provide you with the company’s procedures and protocols for various situations. Also, you may have a Union handbook which is useful for understanding your employee rights and how to handle labor relations issues.

Obtain Organizational Chart

Know your chain of command and their contact information. If the person you are filing a complaint against is your direct supervisor, refer to the company handbook or union handbook or contact a Human Resource Representative for assistance.

Keep A Paper Trail

Like employers who want to terminate an employee, KEEP A PAPER TRAIL. You must have proof of incidents before presenting them to the proper authorities. Your journal entries and emails should include dates, locations, times, what happened, and who was involved. Always print your emails and store them somewhere safe because emails can disappear with the help of an Information Technology expert.

Present Evidence

If you have to present your facts to a superior, Union representative, or Human Resources Representative (preferably Labor Relations Officer), keep it simple. Prior to the meeting organize the events in chronological order and provide a two to three sentence synopsis per event. You do not want to overwhelm them. FOR UNION EMPLOYEES, read your union handbook to know your rights to have a “Steward” or designated union representative present at any disciplinary or related meetings with the employer (e.g. Human Resources representative, supervisor, or other superiors).

Be Respectful

Make sure you remain calm, cool, and collected during any meetings. Also, respect everyone in the meeting(s) including the offender. You do not want to appear as a hostile individual.

Exit Plan

In case your superior decides to retaliate have an exit plan in the works. Do not quit your job until you have a job. You want to work where you are celebrated not where you are tolerated.

If you have been fired and you believe it was unlawful / unethical, feel free to contact your local civil rights commission for assistance.

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