If you have a Virtual Assistant Coach who sees your vision and articulates your concerns. Then, you ought to praise him or her. Virtual Assistant Coaches are amazing; heaven sent. When you could not resuscitate your Virtual Assistant business, he / she lifted the vision and breathed life into it. They are worth their hire.

With a resurrected business and a business plan to light the path, your hope is restored and ideas blossom (like this blog). Virtual Assistants have been in your shoes and have overcome many obstacles similar to your own. Virtual Assistants can break down the issue and put it together with understanding and provide a concrete strategy, while encouraging you along the way because he / she believes in your vision and has faith in you.

Do something special for him / her like a shout out on social media, review and / or video testimony, or a gift card.

Shout out to Sandi Evans-Carter of Carter Evans Services LLC. She is passionate about serving others and a stickler for excellence.

Sandi Carter-Evans | LinkedIn | Facebook | Email

If you would like to add your Virtual Assistant Coach to my upcoming directory, feel free to share your coach’s information in the comment box below. Thank you.

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