Working from home has always been my dream. Knowing how I would achieve it wasn’t easy. Through trial and error, I learned that multiple streams of income is necessary. However, self-employment may be one way of those streams; not all of them. We will discuss the importance of diversifying your portfolio of revenue streams in another blog post.

Right now, you want to know how to make money on Fiverr. Like you, I started with the need to make money yesterday. Yes, yesterday. My funds were low-low and that’s a No-No. Read my article From Unemployment to Level 1 Fiverr Seller for details about my situation. Thankfully, someone introduced me to Fiverr because it made my work from home dream come true. My sales are climbing which means Fiverr was building my visibility and credibility. However, being a Level 1 Seller is not a walk in the park. Here are a few steps to help you make money on Fiverr.


Before we get started you need to know Fiverr is run by algorithms. Don’t take it personally! They have built-in systems to help you manage your clients, workflow, and earnings. Also, systems to promote or demote you. I can only determine my service offerings, service fees, and volume of customers. I have no control over who can purchase my services and it is problematic. We will address this later. To make money, do the following:

Research Competitors

Find out how much your competitors are charging for the same services. Then, determine your price points and service offerings.

Hire Freelancers

Freelancing through a marketplace is a numbers game. Sellers with lower prices and quicker delivery get a lot of customers. If you choose to enter the marketplace at a low price point, be ready for the flood of customers. Interview freelancers in your category who charge less but have wonderful reviews and portfolio of work. They are more and willing to help you manage your workload. This will help you avoid low completion rates and poor reviews.

Know the Level Requirements

Fiverr has four levels: “no level”, “level 1”, “level 2”, and “level 3”. Currently, each level has a criteria and quota. The factors includes Response Rate, Order Completion Rate, On-Time Delivery Rate, Positive (Review) Rating. For more details, visit Fiverr’s Terms of Service and search for the topic ‘Level’.  

Improve Your Customer Service

Once you know the requirements for Level 1 Seller. Start improving your rates in areas where you are lacking, such as Response Time, Completion of Sales, etc. All of these are customer service related. Great customer service leads to awesome customer reviews.

Share Your Gigs

Let your friends and family members know about your gigs. Invite people to be your friend on social media and LinkedIn and regularly post on your page and in groups (that permit advertisement). If you have a private business providing the same services, you may want to share the gig on your website as an EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL OFFER ON FIVERR.

Although my financial stability is still on the incline, my path is clear and my opportunities are becoming more tangible.  

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