Prior to becoming the Founder and CEO of Provision Enterprise LLC, my humble beginnings were freelancing. After being laid off due to the pandemic, I was determined to become resourceful to maintain our minimalist standard of living. I did what I do best; identified resources available to me. Knowing my desire to work-from-home, I started posting my resume writing skills on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Testing the market proved to be successful.

After much prayer, I decided to move my clients to Fiverr to increase visibility and credibility. On August 15 2020, I was promoted to a Level 1 Seller in Fiverr’s Resume Writing category, which means I achieved at least 90% in Order Completions, Customer Service, and Response Rates and earned a certain amount. Making the transition from private clients to a Freelancer on Fiverr was a smart move and a good look. My sales and reviews are climbing.

If you are interested in working from home and you have a creative or administrative skillset, TRY FIVERR. Yes, you will need to ask friends and family to buy your service and leave an awesome review. Their support is the catalyst for your work from home career success. For more information about How to Make Money On Fiverr, click here.

If you are a client of mine (once a client always my client), I want to say, THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT. You made working from home a dream come true. Again, thank you.

For more information about how to get started, click here.

For more information about HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON FIVERR, click here.

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