Here are six valuable tips for starting a virtual assistant business.

1. Dream Big.

There is nothing wrong with having a big vision. The key is to break it down to daily steps which makes it realistic and attainable. 

2. Solidify your business before doing business.

Take the time on the front end to establish your business. This will help you avoid spending a lot of time working on it while doing it. This sucks the enjoyment out of ownership and causes low self-confidence and missed opportunities because you did not foresee the need for certain resources (especially human and financial). This leads me to number three… 

3. Don’t quit your day job.

Unless you have adequate financial resources to maintain your family’s standard of living and well being, don’t quit your day job. .You have to be able to afford another child. A business is another child. You have to love it unconditionally and put money into it before reaping a return on your investment. Hint: The best way to show you are serious is by putting a percentage of your income into savings for start-up capital and security.

4. Never make it okay for others to procrastinate.

Procrastination wastes your time and efforts. There is not enough money in the world that could make me wait around for a client to pay or approve or provide feedback on an assignment. This makes your purpose for serving and providing quality service and results impossible. You did not sign up to be their life coach. Hint: Deflect the success of their businesses back on them or leave.

5. Don’t be desperate to work for any and everybody.

Know who is your ideal client. Entrepreneurs who have mental disabilities or different faith / belief systems, cultures, or ethnicity may feel uncomfortable and distant.

6. You set the standards.

They want your service(s) because it is value added.

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