1. One to Two-page Resume
  2. One-page Cover Letter
  3. Professional Headshot
  4. LinkedIn Profile Update
  5. Job Development Plan

1. One to Two-Page Resume

Employers scan resumes in about two minutes. Keep your resume simple! Avoid listing involvement in organizations specific to ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation. Unless you are applying for a job at a company that appreciates your involvement in organizations in alignment with your morals and values. Keep your resume Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly. Most employers use tracking systems that scan your resumes for keywords. The ATS does not recognize the content within graphs, columns, and word boxes. BEFORE you publish your resume, please sign up for a FREE Grammarly account to double-check spelling and more.

2. One-page Cover Letter

You may or may not need a cover letter. If you do, click here to create a simple cover letter within 5 minutes. Be careful. This is a generic cover letter template. Please read the content to make sure it is authentic before sending it to a potential employer.

3. Professional Headshot

Be not deceived, employers are looking for your LinkedIn profile or Facebook page. Use a professional photo of you wearing modest business attire and (ladies) neutral makeup. Unless you are a Makeup Artist showcasing your talents. If you cannot afford a professional headshot, click here to watch a video about how to use portrait mode on your phone to take a great photo. You can use your Android too.

4. LinkedIn Profile Update

BEFORE you update your LinkedIn profile, please have your resume completed. Your LinkedIn profile will quickly evolve by simply “copying and pasting” content into appropriate sections. Sometimes your first impression is your social media profiles. If they do not like what they see or read, most likely you will not receive a message, call, or email.

5. Job Development Plan

BEFORE you find a job, you must know your desired outcome (ideal job). Typcially, your job development plan must have the following questions:

  • Job Title
  • Work Location (City and State)
  • Travel Distance (e.g., 5 miles to 100 miles)
  • Job Type (e.g., Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Contractual, Temporary)
  • Salary (e.g. $0 and $100,000+)
  • Disclose Disability (e.g., Yes or No)
  • Work Shift (e.g., First Shift 8 am – 5 pm, Second Shift 5 pm – 1 am, Third Shift 1 am – 9 am)
  • Work Availability (e.g., Weekdays, Weekends, Holidays)
  • When Can You Start Working?
  • How Will You Explain Criminal or Civil Convictions?
  • What Are Other Barriers or Restriction to Employment? (e.g., mandatory appointments or meetings, caregiving, no transportation, daycare, etc.)

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